Monday, January 5, 2009

actions. feelings.

I've been a pretty big bum the last few days watching many movies and playing Rock Band. These movies though, that I've been watching, I love romantic comedies. I know I might not be much of a romantic myself - actually I'm not at all romantic. I laugh at romantic gestures and never create any of my own, but its different when I see it in the movies.

There's something that makes me angry sometimes. Sometimes watching the movies I understand it all... I understand the attraction people feel for one another and the inability to control one's feelings. Of course there are times when I think to myself... that character is an idiot. How can you forgive someone that acted like such a jerk or caused you that much pain?

The fact is that its never perfect. People make mistakes. Actions are made that can't be taken back. Feelings are felt for others and not for some. 

I'm definitely not perfect. Not even close. I've made mistakes and I continue to do so... I'm still just trying to figure things out. Definitely just trying to figure things out.

It's that balance that must be upheld. As things fall into place, other things fall out. Happiness is followed by sadness. Life is followed by death.