Thursday, July 9, 2009

Life starts to write itself clear.

I have tried time and time again to bring myself to this blog. To write my thoughts, my ideas and whatever else you would call the voices in my head.

Some think that people go through life. I like to think that life goes through people or at least, that's when the best moments, the moments that matter most, occur. The things that life throws at me, the things that happen to me... it creates those amazing moments that I live for. Of course though, we must be do'ers in life. We must take action to expect outcome or else I should be sitting on the couch doing absolutely nothing to help myself in this wreck-less time of transition. There's only so much you can do ... so much you can ask for - sometimes we just need to wait and let it come naturally. Let life come to you.

Its hard to wait sometimes, when you just want it to happen already. It's like being an artist in life - and forcing your artist identity, your artist ideas - when they have yet to be created and instead fillers are created. Fillers of life that mean almost nothing, but you want it to mean something so bad.

I want a job, but do I want a filler job? I want companionship, but do I want anyone to just fill the position?

I'm pretty sure I want it - the job, the companion, the life. I'm willing to wait because I'm sure it'll be worth it. I know it. This artist is generating ideas, thoughts, and an amazing life.