Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Geek Goddess, my Ass.

Geek Goddess.

What a ridiculous book... how to be a Geek Goddess... with fashion and style or whatever.

This book is what is wrong with societal views of women in technology fields.

I think what the problem is the view that people have of computers and technology in general.... its use, its need...

I like to think of computers and other types of technology as a medium to express other points of interest. Yes, it is a fact or possibly just an observation that this technological world sometimes gets overused and we are getting quite comfortable, but with technology comes new information and changes to societal views.

Not only in the world today, but throughout history.

The monks created "clocks" in order to pray to God at specific times. Someone brought the idea of the clock out of the walls of the monastery and now we all live on time, not to pray to God, but to get to work, go to school, etc. It changed the way we live as humans.

The style of teaching has changed tremendously. Teachers were first paid based on the amount of students they would have and would not hand out grades, but give true insight to each student and his or her work in order to be smarter, wiser, etc. Then came this one guy, I can't remember his name, but he wanted more money from his teaching, so he developed a way that he could have more students, which also meant less time with each student. He created the idea of grades, a new technology that definitely changed the way that teachers teach and students learn.

I think the most important thing about technology isn't how to be fashionable or stylish, but to remember how society was before and after. To know how it changes yourself and others.


AB said...

so what does this say about our society today? computers are still fairly fresh in this age (30 years or so), but it's importance is obviously growing exponentially.

blogging definitely changed me. i used to write in journals, but would only do it every so often because it took so damn long. now i can get 30 thoughts out through the duration of a song.

AB said...


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