Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Girls are Stupid."

Last night was legit.

Adrian and I decided that I need to write a book... & hand it out to a few ladies.

Title: Girls are Stupid.

Chapter 1: Sex & Dating.

The truth is, guys don't lead on girls, girls lead themselves on. People choose to believe what they want and its always easier to blame someone else rather than yourself. Therefore, girls tend to blame guys for their heartache and pain. They choose to blame the guy for something they created and wanted in their heads - and in their head alone.

Reality: guys can't be used.

It's just sex. If the guy says nothing about a relationship, its just sex. Take it for what it is or find someone that you think wants the same thing as you.

Best practice: it's just fun. "I needed to relieve the stress."

If you're sleeping in his bed, you better be giving something in return. Or else get the fuck out.

Of course, there are exceptions.

If you think you can change him, think again. You can't change him into wanting something or being something else. And just think about it, do you really want to try that hard?

Monogamy? There's no such thing anymore. Marriage? A way for people to help define their relationship.


Relating that all back to myself... I can get stupid. I can get caught up in moments especially amazing ones. But that's what I live for. And well... I keep it mostly to myself and moments later I'm back to my normal self. Most the time... it's just fun. Amazing fun & that's truly what I live for.

I've been getting asked this question... "do you have a boyfriend?" or "are you dating someone?" Me have a boyfriend, no way. I can't. I won't. As much as I fool myself sometimes, it wouldn't work. I suck at relationships. I'm better at that right there, what's up there. I'm fine with that.

Last night was fun. I actually drank more than I thought I would. I actually got to dance - I like to dance - I just don't usually. The night just couldn't end for me. And honestly, I think I partied all night :) it was just fun. Pink panty droppers were delicious (too bad I wasn't wearing pink panties, darn, wore them the wrong night! haha) - and Crane kept feeding those to me and making me down them. Damn. I'm getting ready for my birthday and... it's feeling good.

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