Wednesday, September 24, 2008

heart & eyes.

I finally setup my pictures on my wall, nicely that is. Not done with my wall though, I need something else up there. Just not sure what yet.

I love watching movies and shows. I love 'movie' quotes. I love how fancy people can sound with one or two lines. It's amazing and the only way people should speak. Speak with wisdom, speak with meaning - too bad I have trouble doing that, I usually speak gibberish.

I had this moment at work the other day. I just felt weird - it's hard to explain. My eyes got watery instantly and my heart started to race. I don't know what it is. Or maybe I do, but the fact that it happened and the thoughts going through my head right before it happened... that worries me and I have no idea what its supposed to mean or if it should even matter.

I have a tendency to start a post & never post them. I'm continuing with this post from Wednesday, it's Friday. This week was interesting.

Last night Choco-hung was acting completely strange as if he's not already a weird dog, but he was doing the weirdest thing. He's never done it before. When I got home after work he kept shaking and started climbing onto my desk. At first I thought it was because I was eating chicken but he almost ignored my chicken. So he started to climb up on the window sill and just look out as though he was watching someone go or waiting for someone to come back.

Choco-hung senses things. I know he does. He's a smart dog but he does piss me off sometimes. But I'm trying figure out what this all means. What these strange events in my life are supposed to lead to or merely tell me.

You know how people talk to themselves the most. That's a fact for me. I've been having these conversations in my head lately. I still don't know what I want but I know that I'll be fine. Awkward moments may come. Silent moments may fall. But more happened than I ever imagined. I'm happy. I'm happy with what happened.

""The drinks fortify us. The drinks give us strength. The drinks get us drunk."

I promised Marco I'd drink this weekend. I have three weeks til my birthday. I need to up my tolerance. Uh oh, here I go... it's going to be bad, I know it. Not used to the drinking mindset - hasn't happened in a really long time. It'll be ridiculous, it'll be good. I'll have fun. It's a good time to get wasted. Drunk txting here we go. Haha joking. It'll be stupid and bad. I'm excited.

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