Sunday, September 21, 2008

recap. rethink.

Recapping the weekend:
SYTYCD was fun. Totally late for the show but still got to see some of my favorite routines. Crappy seats but we made it enjoyable. And were practicing for our reenactment for Janice - priceless. Haha.

Friday night: Luu & deck time is always good stuff. On the phone with Faye at the same time was legit. When Monte finally got home... he amazed me. Actually stayed up after a Go Team moment. I'm definitely going to miss him... and he knows it.

Dima is back!!! Got to hear all his amazing stories which only made me jealous. Haha. But it was good times especially when Luu got there. It's good to have Dima back.

Mr. Will Dean is silly. I'll miss him, of course.

I'm happy with how the weekend went. I'm happy with how things are.

I feel in control. I'm prepared for all things.

& I'm thinking of it this way now...
October = always busy + 21st BIRTHDAY!!
November = Thanksgiving Break = San Francisco!! + Apple?
December = Just a few weeks of school + Winter Break
Spring Semester = CAKE!
Summer & Beyond = Apple + Spain + Real Job Search + California

Other thoughts:
I can't get over it - my friends are amazing. I still don't think I deserve them sometimes.

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