Wednesday, September 10, 2008

simple & honest

So I skipped my first class today because simply and honestly I just didn't feel like going.

As I was walking this morning I started to think about happiness. Ever since my 2.5!! car crash (haha) it was all about being happy. I achieved that this summer or should I say I felt it. The pursuit of happyness? Or is it like in jack and jill vs. the world where happiness cannot be pursued rather it's a feeling - no false hope. I think it goes both ways. You don't necessarily pursue happiness but you go for your dreams, your wants, and for some... what others want for you. Whether knowing what you want and going for it makes you happy or finally achieving the things you want makes you happy. Of course there's times when people just aren't satisfied. Or like me... I'm indecisive - my wants are usually very vague and knowing what I want isn't that simple. That's another problem I have.

I think tonight is a night for sinigang. I just saw Phily. It'll be a good night.

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